Dating in Asia

Arrival in Asia and Dating Your Ideal Asian Girls

Have you ever been on the way to work, perhaps in a café with friends and noticed a girl that was totally your style. Maybe you envisioned yourself talking to her but either you didn’t have the courage….or…couldn’t think of what to say. I think most of us can admit they we have indeed been in that situation. I would like to tell you a story about a friend of mine.
I have an American friend, his name is Bob and he has lived in Asia for 5 years. When he first came to Asia he was surprised at how petite, stylish, and feminine the girls were here compared to his hometown in Middle-America. He would be on the way to work and stare at the beautiful women on the train or even be at a café relaxing and notice women coming in and out that he imagined talking to and dating. Well 5 years have passed and Bob has only ever seriously dated a handful of women here, most were girls whom he met at work or on the Internet and to be honest, they were girls that most of the local men were glad to have off their hands and felt like a weight lifted off their shoulders (yes, these girls were not so disciplined in diet and not so attractive). Bob would look around while being on dates with these Women and notice that the local men in Korea were on dates with beautiful women like the ones he would see on his daily commute, yet he was stuck with the bottom of barrel. This didn’t make any sense to Bob….Bob was not a bad looking guy, he always had a lot of friends and before coming to Korea his friends had told him how much Asian women love western men and that things would be easy there. Well…they were kind of easy…for the girls Bob (or anyone else for that matter) didn’t care to date. A large majority of westerners living in Asia find themselves in the same position as Bob and dream of dating the kind of girls that they are actually attracted to.

I’ve met many people like Bob throughout my stay in Asia and a lot of them are good guys, they just don’t know how to improve their dating life and how to be proactive about it. Some of them are not into the club/bar scene because they don’t like drinking or loud music, others have tried online dating but found that more often than not, the pictures didn’t match with what they looked like on the date.
Before coming to Asia, I was no better than the average guy who would date average girls through my social circle, university, etc..I always wondered if there was another way to meet the women I wanted but never really dedicated myself to it until I arrived in Asia and was surrounded by a treasure trove of attractive women that fit my ideal in such a high quantity that I couldn’t help but try anything it took to meet them.
Since 2009 I made it a mission to handle this area of my life. I set goals, challenges, tested every method I could think of or read online sometimes to dismal results and epic failures. By constantly going out in talking with Asian women in every setting possible I was able to discover how to do it the right way and now I can confidently say that even if I don’t have a date today, I can easily go out and make one happen with a beautiful women on my accord. Since perfecting these techniques I am constantly dating a handful of women and I have new ones that are sending me their schedules and asking when I have time to meet them…basically begging for a date. Over the years friends, co-workers, and associates have asked for my help and guidance on how to meet and attract women in the day time. When I gave advice I always wanted to make sure it was based on tried and trued methods that took me years to figure out and that yield the best results. Everything from what to say, how to approach them, how lead and guide conversation in a way that makes them feel comfortable yet attracted, proper body language/para-linguistics, helpful inner mindsets, how to get their numbers/go on dates and much much more. Subscribe to our email-list for free tips, the latest podcast, updates, and more offers to help you achieve success in dating Asian women.

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