Asian Daygame Approach Hacks

These days every fucking thing I see is “Life-Hacks” “work-hacks” “Diet-Hacks”
While there terminology is cheesy as fuck, finding the most efficient way to do something is definitely important, in our case if the difference between getting laid and sitting at home alone with dick in hand 😉
So now you decided to take some action, you are out and about and wondering what the best venues will be to approach women and if you need to alter the approach at different types of Venues. I am here to say that you can meet women anywhere, anytime!! However for purposes of efficiency it is best to know where the high volume areas are, and the differences between them.
First of I’d say it’s important to know your type. If you have a specific type you are going for (i.e. young college students, hot mature office workers, or fashionable model types, it’s best to know the places and areas of town these girls congregate.

For college girls in Asia, its best to stick near university areas or general shopping/downtown type areas. If you walk the streets or subway station area of any University in a major city in Asia, you will see droves of young and beautiful girls. If you are in a big city like Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, etc you can wander the campus and general surrounding area. However sometimes it’s best to relax and not have to always walk around and I search for girls. When I feel like relaxing and choosing my targets, I generally head to a café located in a high traffic area . Usually Starbucks is reliable and consistent in any metropolitan city, as long as it is in a busy area (which they usually are). I generally like to get seats somewhere in the front near the door because I can spot the girls leaving and entering, as well as those are getting their coffee to go. I like to have my laptop set up or a nice book while sipping on my coffee and when I spot a girl leaving that I fancy, I’ll walk out and approach as she leaves. The beauty of this is you can stay in the same spot and have the girls come and go and literally relax and get lots of sets in that you like. It also allows for you to do other things while approaching such as online work, reading, and other tasks you can’t do while roaming the streets. You can also approach a girl in a café and ask to sit next to her for a while but this method will basically shut down other opportunities to approach other girls in the café. Essentially, it is hit or miss but worth it if you see the girl of your dreams. I also like to sit in the vicinity of a girl and do an indirect approach and test the waters to see if she’s keen for more conversation. Many cafés have joint bench seating areas or tables that are close together, these will be ideal for an indirect approach. This method allows for you to possibly get a good set in but if it doesn’t go well it allows for you to comfortably approach more of the coming and going girls.

Other venues I love to frequent are shopping malls or shopping areas. These are good because you can casually browse clothes, have a smoothie or drink and approach girls while they are standing still or shopping. Also women of all ages love shopping and if you are in any major area you are bound to find a girl that is your type. In addition, you don’t need to get them to stop and hold their attention as much as you do in a moving set. A lot of the clothing shops these days like Zara, Uniqlo, H&M, etc have both men’s and women’s clothes or even unisex items so it totally makes sense to be there browsing.

Yet another venue I personally love is the bookstore. These venues are perfect if you are a bit of a low energy, chill-type person. The vibe at a bookstore is relaxed, a bit quiet, and easy for a casual chat. There are generally places to sit down and it’s easy to make a quick compliment or remark while doing your own browsing and reading. Both clothing stores and bookstores are great because you can mention what kind of books you are looking for/what kind of clothes you are into and make conversation there. In fact, you can even use a book or clothing item as an opener and work it from there. If you go to self-help, mention how you like self -help books but want a recommendation, If you are shopping for a shirt ask which color looks better etc. Important tip: when going indirect is to transition out of the indirect talk into another topic such as what you are doing there, a bit about yourself, what she is doing there and a bit of complimenting or teasing to add a sexual vibe. It is crucial to show interest by complimenting, teasing, or challenging when doing indirect, even if this is done subtly.

My favorite place to approach women is on the street, the reason being that I generally see the hottest girls while I am in a high traffic area (a major subway station/business area, or university area) walking around or on the way to work, or to do something. In addition if you go to these areas during a lunch hour, or when work/schools let out (6-8pm) you are in for a treat. Droves of hot girls going to meet friends, going home, going to grab a bite/coffee, shop, etc. For me this is better than any club, no entry fee, unlimited women refreshing every minute that you are sure to find your type. This is also efficient because you can get a lot of approaches/interactions in within a short time. Generally, when stopping a moving girl the most important thing is to get her attention. She is often on her way somewhere or has something on her mind. You have to make sure you capture her attention in a way that is calibrated, not creepy, and that would make even you stop without fear of being robbed or hassled. More tips on this to come 😉

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