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See Results Skyrocket

Become the master of your dating life enjoy dating the Asian women of your dreams all around the globe! Our clients are currently enjoying an abundance of dating that they never imagined was possible!

Take on Behaviors

Learn the “Outer-Game” skills in verbal communication, body language, sub-communications, and behaviors that will make meeting and dating Asian women seem natural and effortless!

Instill Mindsets

Learn the proper “Inner-Game” mindsets to have in order to meet and successfully date beautiful Asian Women. Also learn the cultural mindsets of Asian women and Female Psychology.

Immersion Program

8 Infield Sessions + 24/7 Access

You will get 8 Infield Sessions of Daygame + Nightgame during the course of 6-8 weeks. The sessions will be scheduled according to your convenience! In between sessions I give you daily feedback and we’ll be working tailored to your individual needs and goals. We will also build a close 1:1 relationship as Mentor/Student but also as friends! I promise to give you special attention and consideration that wouldn’t be possible during shorter “Bootcamp” programs.

Learn it All!

During the course of the program you will learn everything there is to know, start to finish about Dating and achieve success. You will not only learn how to approach Asian Women anytime anywhere both Day and Night, but you will also learn how to relate and connect with them, build attraction, provide value, show leadership, and enjoy amazing relationships with them. We will also have a complete Text Game Seminar, Date Game Seminar + Simulation, Relationships Seminar, and Personality + Lifestyle Development Module included in the Program! There are no cheeky upsells! I want you to learn everything and really master this area of your life once and for all!

Extensive Curriculum Proven to get Results

Our Immersion program course curriculum covers everything and employs the best training methods in order to ensure your success. We include infield-video footage with break downs, lectures and discussion, role plays, infield drilling, personalized tips, and daily missions with challenges and feedback! Our program is cumulative and designed to be learned at a sustainable pace without becoming overwhelming.

6-8 Weeks of Personalized Training with an Expert

Most Success in Dating Programs in the industry are only 3 days and Market themselves as a “Game-Changer” to your dating life. This often leaves clients only slightly better off than when they started (or even worse) and still stuck with the same internal hang-ups, confidence issues, and sub-optimal behaviors. According to the European Journal of Social Psychology alongside with Charles Duhigg, Author of the best-seller “The Power of Habit,” It takes roughly 2 months to fully install new habits and 3 weeks to fully uninstall bad habits. Any skill worth learning can be achieved most optimally with an expert to guide you personally one-on-one and oversee that you gradually improve and overcome the roadblocks along the way. He is also able to see your inherent strengths and weaknesses and give you specific customized advice, instead of generic “one-size-fits-all” techniques. In addition, he will make sure afterwards that it is integrated organically into your lifestyle. This is exactly what we are offering you.

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Testimonials and Endorsements

“Prior to taking this program, I was a 27 year old virgin with little optimism that I could get laid before turning 30. I took some pick up programs and read pick-up books but still saw no results. Not only did I get laid with multiple girls, but I had an amazing relationship with a girl who was my ideal type. Unlike many coaches, Ryan cares about you not only as just a client but also as a close confidant who goes out of his way to help you tranform into the man you want to be.”

J. Kim Seoul, South Korea

After meeting a lot of best guys out there, and coaching a bunch of clients myself, I can safely say
that Ryan is one of the gems out there. Really, Very few people have the combination of top tier skills in their field and an ability to teach it. Ryan has both, and he combines them with a genuine care for his students and their success. The results he gets his students are almost unheard of, and most people that he teaches end up
in a state where they don’t really think about pick up or dating strategies any more.
If I was just starting out again I would go for Ryan in a heartbeat.

Alex Former Pickup Instructor from Norway

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